The pros and cons of drum brakes.

Technical questions

One of the main advantages of the drum mechanism is called its closeness to the environment – no dirt, no dust do not fall inside. It is difficult not to agree, but with a caveat – when it comes to dirt outside. All products of pads wear that appear in the drum inside, just can’t “go out” from there. The beauty of the closed drum is visible on experimental photographs.


If the remnants of friction linings in disc brakes are blown of the mechanism, almost everything remains in place in the drum. And further. Who in his life has exploited trucks or ancient cars with “reel” in a circle should remember: if drove deep puddle or a ford, then after a few times it is necessary to press the brakes to dry them, otherwise they simply will disappeared. There is no such circus with disks.

Also drums overheat excellent and, unlike the disc can’t be quickly cooled by ram air. A drum at the same time it is difficult to warp (but not so on the disks), but the effectiveness of the braking of hot drums is reduced very substantially.